Play Rugby in New Zealand

Want to Play Rugby in New Zealand?

So you would like to improve your rugby skills by coming to NZ and playing in your off season? Or perhaps you would like to visit this beautiful part of the world and rugby is an added bonus. At the Temuka Rugby Club we are always on the lookout for rugby players wanting to play for us. Whether you are travelling or relocating from within NZ and want rugby to be part of the experience so that you can find work quickly by becoming part of a like-minded community, or if you are coming from overseas to enhance your future rugby prospects when you return home we can help.

Although we are a small club, our history is almost unmatched anywhere with a long line of players having represented from All Black status down to local age group teams. Our senior teams have won trophies in every decade for over 120 years, so you can be assured of receiving top quality coaching as well as plenty of support from the locals.

What other Overseas Players had to say

Otomo from Japan, 22, came to New Zealand to improve his English but has also found himself in action as the Magpies senior halfback, and he’s loving it. Otomo said he was really enjoying playing rugby in New Zealand and had learned a lot.

“Temuka is a very good club and lots of fun.”

Temuka coach Regan Joyce said Otomo had fitted in well.

“Ken seems to enjoy the rugby and the environment, he seems to like a few beers after a game with the boys.”

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Russell from the UK who played for Temuka in 2009 said;

“When you arrive you will be well looked after by the club. Your get picked up from the airport and taken back to Temuka. You will be given somewhere to stay and they will find you a job, all you have to do is turn up and play rugby!”

“I would just like to add that I have really enjoyed my season living and playing for Temuka. The place has a friendly and relaxed atmosphere with a good community spirit and a good base to see the rest of the country during your stay.”

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Leo from Sweden played for Temuka in 2012 and said;

 I’m from Sweden and played sevens back home. Due to lack of players that’s the only type of game we can play.

It’s the completely opposite situation in Temuka RFC. You turn up, a lot of guys are there, and it’s fun all the way through the practice. We had a good atmosphere in the team, everyone was respected and all the guys were working hard out there. We worked hard, together as a team. I developed my skills heaps, learned a lot and had loads of fun!

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To contact us regarding any questions you may have about playing rugby for Temuka, or any other questions related to our club, please fill out the contact form to the best of your ability or email us via the email link. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

NZ Work Regulations – A Brief Overview

Working in New Zealand

If You Are From A Country Other Than Australia And New Zealand You Must Have A Current Working Visa And IRD Number To Work In New Zealand

New Zealand currently has working holiday agreements with the UK, Canada, Chile, The Netherlands, Japan, Ireland, Korea, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Hong Kong, Italy, Malaysia, and is currently negotiating arrangements with a range of additional countries.

Australians do not need a work permit as a special agreement exists between the countries.

If you are from a country other than Australia and New Zealand you must obtain a work visa or permit.

To be eligible for a work visa under this scheme, applicants must:

  • Be citizens of one of the above countries ordinarily residing in that country at the time of applying
  • Satisfy the New Zealand Embassy that their main intention for coming to New Zealand is to holiday, and that employment is an incidental reason for the visit.
  • Have funds available for maintenance.
  • Agree to hold a comprehensive medical and comprehensive hospitalisation insurance that will remain current throughout their stay
  • Be aged between eighteen (18) and thirty (30) years, both inclusive, at the time of application
  • Not be accompanied by children
  • Possess a valid passport
  • Possess a return ticket, or sufficient funds to purchase such a ticket
  • There may be other requirements specific to the country you are applying in so if your unsure of the requirements its important to check with the New Zealand Immigration Service

More useful information for overseas players can be found at the following links;